Lee Seung Gi & MC Mong

Tuesday May 5 @ 07:16am


SeopSeop Brothers

Tuesday May 5 @ 07:14am

“1n2d is a show program that’s worthy of recognition & respect. It is not just a standard variety show. It already gave many viewers some kind of impression. If it’s just a standard variety show, I will give it up because of my future and benefit. But I am very into 1n2d, I also changed alot because of 1n2d. I’m very thankful  towards 1n2d. It is a show program that I can’t just back out because of the better offer” -Lee Seung Gi

Monday Apr 4 @ 05:08am


Monday Apr 4 @ 05:07am

“No one thought that we could do this. When the six of us work together, we can do anything.”

Ep 56 - When the team won the race

Monday Apr 4 @ 05:06am

Monday Apr 4 @ 05:06am

Monday Apr 4 @ 04:04am


1 Night, 2 Days will forever be my favorite Korean variety show. It’s sad to see it end, but I’m hopeful for the next season.

Monday Feb 2 @ 10:24pm

Sunday Feb 2 @ 08:06pm


MC Mong ~ Crazy @SBS Inkigayo 20080803 

(seopseop at the near end of the video :D)


Sunday Feb 2 @ 08:05pm
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